Below is a list of helpful tools to keep handy for lessons and beyond!

Piano Tuning

Presto Piano Services:

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Presto Piano Service strives to deliver high quality piano tuning, maintenance, and repair services with an emphasis on client education and fostering self-expression through music.

Faber Digital Audio Catalogue

Select your level and unlock fun play-along accompaniments to your favorite Piano Adventures songs. Feel the beat and jam to the sounds of a rock band, jazz ensemble, or symphony orchestra. Listen for expression and discovery. Happy exploring!

Sight-reading Coach / Student Practice Portal

For Students and Parents

  1. If you are a student or parent, please ask your teacher for an invitation!

  2. Click the link in your email invitation to create an account (Using iOS? Get the app first).

  3. If you are a parent, you will first create an account for yourself, and then your child. Questions? Follow the parent registration walk through.

  4. After a 30-day free trial, student subscriptions are $2/month and provide full access to all exercises in the app.

Playing the Exercises

  1. Use the green Play button to listen to a model performance.

  2. Use the red Record button to record yourself (after a two-measure count-off).

  3. You will receive a score based on your notes and rhythm, and a feedback graph will display below the music. If there were note mistakes, the line will turn red (or yellow if the Sightreading Coach is less certain about whether a mistake was made). If the tempo was unsteady, the line will go up for rushing, or down for dragging. Hover or tap on the line to reveal more information!

  4. Click Submit to send your recording to your teacher, or Try Again to make another attempt. Keep practicing and improve your scores!

Tool: Singing Straw


What is straw phonation?

Singing through a straw is a powerful “semi-occluded vocal tract”(SOVT) exercise, which means that as you vocalize, the air coming out of your mouth is partially blocked. This creates a resistance in the vocal tract, which sends energy back to the vocal folds and helps them vibrate more efficiently. Basically, magic.

Are You Ready To Take The First Step?


Each student's curriculum is tailored specifically to their goals. All students will learn skills such as vocal health, agility, healthy rehearsal habits, and more. Regardless of your prior experience as an artist, we believe that there is always room for growth.


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